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About me

My name is Jane Grayer and I live in Monmouthshire with my husband and two teenage sons. I was a casual registrar for 4 years, conducting Civil Weddings, Civil Partnerships, Vow Renewals and Naming Ceremonies across Monmouthhsire. Throughout this time, I became increasingly frustrated with the restrictions and limitations placed on couples and families when they wish to celebrate these major events in their lives. Last year a friend of mine asked me to conduct a funeral service for his 24-year-old son who had died unexpectedly, and it was this experience which convinced me that I should change my career from project /community development to becoming a full-time celebrant, enabling people to say what they really want to say at these milestone events, in their own ways and in their own words.

I have had a very varied work history starting as a Stage Manager in theatres across the UK, moving through working with Crisis as Supplies Co-ordinator for The London Open Christmas, supporting volunteers at SGI-UK and more recently working with communities to build resilience and develop confidence, skills and friendships. All of my roles however have been based around working with people, finding ways for them to reveal their potential and raise aspirations.